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Writing content for corporate websites, product brochures optimised for commercial sites, writing content for blogs... At Plume de Comm web publishing has many sides. Only one thing in common: our unique writing adapted to your audience as well as to on-screen reading.


Did you know? Reading on screen is 25% slower than on paper. However, the textual content is the key element of the website. Today internet users visit a site for the information it provides. The only key to retain visitors: easy to read and attractive display.
Plume de Comm writes web content optimised for the web, combining clarity and quality.

Search engines change periodically. So writing must adapt. If repetition of keywords enabled pages to improve their ranking, today's SEO writing (Search Engine Optimisation) has its other rules.

Plume de Comm produces unique content where keywords discreetly slip into sentences, where the richness of vocabulary and variety is used to its very best.

Our services

  • Audit éditorial
  • Stratégie et charte éditoriale online
  • Production éditoriale pour sites internet, intranets, webzines

Quelques exemples

  • Contenus de sites institutionnels
  • Rédaction de blogs
  • Descriptions pour les boutiques en ligne